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How to deal with pilling on cardigan sweaters, zippered sweaters, tank sweaters, and clothing fabrics?


Today, let's introduce how to handle pilling in women's sweater vests, men's sweater vests, and pullover sweater clothing fabrics?

How can pure dry goods solve clothing pilling? What kind of clothes are prone to pilling?

How to deal with the problem of easy pilling: The higher the compressive strength of fibers, the shorter their length, and the greater their curl. Not so easy to pilling: the yarn twist is strong, the structural characteristics of the fabric are closely related, and the surface of the fabric has strong flatness.

Woolen sweater, round neck pullover sweater, V-neck pullover sweater, small high neck pullover sweater fiber compressive strength; The higher the compressive strength of fibers with good elasticity, the more powerful the performance of connecting the wool balls. The wool balls are not easy to fall off, and there are more and more wool balls on the surface of the fabric.

Fiber length: Long fibers are subjected to greater seat friction in the yarn than short fibers, making them less likely to be pulled out of the yarn. Therefore, short fibers are more prone to pilling than long fibers.

Fiber fineness: Fine fibers are more prone to pilling than coarse fibers, and the thicker the fiber, the greater its stiffness. The end is less prone to bending, causing it to entangle into small balls. Fiber curl; The more curly the fibers are, the easier they are to move during friction, causing pilling. Yarn twist; The larger the twist, the more inseparable the structural features are, and the less likely it is to fuzz.

Woolen sweaters, round neck pullover sweaters, V-neck pullover sweaters, and small high neck pullover sweaters have fabric structural characteristics: the closer they are, the less prone they are to pilling. The smoothness of the surface layer of the fabric: the smoother it is, the less prone it is to pilling. Prepare an eyebrow trimmer in advance and flatten the clothes (the flatter the lay, the better to scrape). The operation must be gentle and only scrape off floating hair to prevent damage to the clothes!

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