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How do men choose cashmere in winter?


A men's cashmere item, the model is the first to promote the basic round neck cashmere sweater. It is made of high-quality fabric that is not easy to pilling or fade, with a smooth texture, refreshing, comfortable and skin friendly, soft and stylish. While ensuring texture, it also helps men reduce their burden in the design. The height of the collar and the looseness of the waist have been carefully designed.

The round neck series comes in a total of 10 colors, with a classic and elegant collar shape that is simple and generous, suitable for casual and business use. The unique inner collar patch has perfect details and is comfortable and durable.

① Classic Khaki: Elegant and Stylish

Khaki color is a must-have for this season. The slightly loose silhouette is comfortable on the upper body, using high-quality fabrics that are not prone to pilling or fading. The texture is smooth, refreshing, comfortable, and skin friendly, soft and stylish.

② Gray in Moonlight Shadow: Gentle attribute

Gray is also a "universal" style, with a hint of gentleness in the tranquility, and wearing it carries a warm masculine attribute.

③ Sapphire: Minimalist Business, Calm and Calm

Sapphire has a minimalist business style. The design of the shoulders and back has also undergone special treatment, making the overall structure firm and streamlined, with a smooth and rounded shape that does not show off the waist and abdomen.

④ Lake Blue: Quiet, gentle, and warm male attributes

This lake blue color is very unique, with a hint of gentleness in the tranquility. Wearing it gives off a warm masculine attribute.

⑤ Atmospheric Black: Essential Classic, Versatile and Practical

Also, black is a must-have for men. For boys who don't like to consider pairing, it's the best companion and can be paired without thinking at any time.

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