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The advantages and disadvantages of cashmere sweaters



1. It has comfortable wearing, strong warmth retention, full suede, soft touch, soft luster, good warmth retention, good breathability, and a beautiful and noble appearance.

2. The raw material for cashmere sweaters is cashmere, and the total production of cashmere worldwide accounts for 2% of all textile fibers in the world. 60% of this 2% is produced in Inner Mongolia, China, which means that China is the best and largest cashmere production area in the world. The best brand of cashmere sweater is "Ordos" in China. The characteristics of cashmere sweaters are: light, soft, warm, and glutinous, very suitable for wearing close to the body, with excellent warmth, breathability, and comfort. If all the cashmere produced worldwide each year is used to make cashmere sweaters, then every 5000 people in the world can share one piece.


1. Washing machine is not suitable for cleaning, hanging is not allowed for drying, improper storage is prone to insect infestation, improper handling is prone to shedding, and the price is also expensive.

2. The raw material of a woolen sweater is sheep wool, which is not suitable for wearing close to the body and may give a prickly feeling. Some high-quality and relatively soft sheep wool is labeled as "sheep wool" by unscrupulous JS to deceive consumers. Sheep do not have wool, and the so-called cashmere is only produced on high-altitude cashmere goats in areas between longitude 105~115 ° E and latitude 35~45 ° N. The best wool is produced in Australia, and the best woolen sweater brands are also from abroad. If all the wool produced worldwide each year is made into woolen sweaters, then each person in the world can have 2 pieces.

3. Cashmere sweaters are prone to static electricity. When purchasing, be careful to choose products that contain conductive fibers. In addition, woolen sweaters may shrink slightly, so when buying a sweater, you should buy one that feels larger than usual when trying it on. However, a cashmere sweater will not shrink and will loosen slightly after wearing it for one or two years. Therefore, when buying a cashmere sweater, you can buy one that fits perfectly when trying it on.

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